Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running Full Circle

Just finished my favorite type of training run...intervals on the track. I found this training plan online that had a great interval ladder training.
10 minute warm up, 1x1000m, 2x800m, 3x400m, 4x200m, 10 min cool down. I had so much fun doing this workout. Most people say they feel so free running, I couldn't agree more with that than I did today. I don't know why, but I swear, I feel invincible when I am running faster. Like no one can touch me. I feel like I'm riding top down, wind blowing through me hair. Even though I run as slow as snail snot, it's still great. I was really in the zone today. I haven't ran a 200 since high school, 10 years ago. (Side note, my 10 year high school reunion is in July and I am super duper excited!!! Now back to running matters.)

 All was going really well until a couple on bikes, for whatever reason thought it would be a great idea to ride around on the track. I don't get it. Is it really that fun to ride around in a circle? The neighborhood I was in was full of pike paths, parks, and sidewalks. Apparently, all the lovely bike paths the great city of Reno has invested in weren't good enough for them.I don't understand why they felt they felt the need to ride on the track, and go incredibly slow. I mean, I was running faster than them. Luckily they only went around twice. Okay enough of the ranting.


I averaged 6:48/mi on my intervals alone. Why can't I tap into that speed when I need to go longer than 1000m? After much deliberation, I have concluded that I lack stamina. I think after my 5k on the 23rd, I am going to have to start doing tempo runs regularly, to beef my stamina up. I hope I break some records on the 23rd...personal that is.

Gotta love my matching skills. Saucony visor,
Brooks shirt, Fila bottoms, and Asics shoes.

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