Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2 Weeks and 2 Days Later

Warning: This is a post where I will be down on myself and over analyze.

Life Running is not fair!!! I started running regularly almost a year ago (my runniversary is on Feb 5th). Here are some quick facts by the numbers: It took me 

  1. 2 months to run a sub 30 min 5k
  2. 4 months to reach my goal of a sub 9:00/mi pace for a 5k
  3. 6 months to work up to running 12 miles straight
  4. 8 months to run a sub 26 min 5k
So, it seems like a long journey to accomplish some of those feats. After all of that, it took 2 weeks and 2 days to loose it all. My last run (before the hiatus) was a 6 mile run on 12/21/2013. My hubby and me went to Seattle for Christmas to visit his sister and I forgot my running gear. My nephew gave me the gift of his sickness while we were there, so I have been sidelined since we've gotten home. My first run of the year was on January 6th.

Monday - 3 miles easy
Tuesday - 5x400m; 1 mile backwards running; 5x10sec 8.5mph 12% incline
Wednesday - 3 mile easy

The problem with the schedule so far, is those 3 miles "easy", were anything but. Before my short hiatus, running a 9:30/mi was easy and relaxed. However, Monday and Wednesday, it felt like I was running race pace. I was breathing harder than a smoker climbing 100 flights of stairs at 10,000ft elevation.
Yeah, that's about right!

I don't know if I can blame my bronchitis for this, or just the fact that I have lost a lot of my fitness in the last 2 weeks. According to an article by Jeff Gaudette titled "Losing Running Fitness" he says that:

"Research shows you shouldn't be too worried about losing significant fitness if your break from running is less than two weeks. You’ll lose some conditioning in your aerobic system and muscles, but pre-inactivity fitness will return quickly. Again, this assumes that you have built a healthy and consistent base of training of 4-6 months prior to taking time off. "

So, less than 2 weeks, does that mean because I took an additional 2 days off I'm in worse shape. I may be over analyzing, but I sure hope what I have worked so hard for, comes back. With days like today and Monday, I have no idea how I was ever able to run 3 8:07min miles 3 times in a row for a 5k. It seems impossible.

Ok enough of the negative. It's a new year and hopefully a new me. I only have one New Years Resolution this year. I participated in Run Chat this past Sunday and they asked us to finish the line "2014 is going to be:________" I had no idea what to put, but then Cori wrote:

 "2014 is going to be my year, my year to be fearless." 

I could n't said it more perfectly. So my one New Years Resolution, is to be fearless. Last year all I ran all my races with fear. Fear of failing, fear of taking off too fast and then dying in the end, fear of not finishing, etc. This year, I wont sweat the small stuff. I will run for the joy of running, and race for the joy of racing. I am nowhere near an elite runner, so I need to stop expecting to be one, and be happy with my times. I will strive to be my best, but I wont be held back by my fear of failing. Quoting the movie a Cinderella Story, "never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game". Amen to that!

What are your New Years Resolutions?
Have you ever taken time off running?
If so was it hard to get started again?

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