Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Month in Review - May

This month I joined a running team (EnduranceFAST) that includes 2 runs per week (I opted for the 1x per week option) and a personalized training plan. It has been a tough month for me in terms of training. My running intensity has gone up since joining the team. We have a speed workout every Monday, and I have progression runs and hill intervals sprinkled in on the other days. This has made for very tired legs for almost every run. They also have me running a lot by time rather than distance. This method is supposed to promote quality over quantity. I have to admit, I am losing a little confidence in my running ability. I used to be able to run at a very easy pace at 10min/mi, but sometimes this month I was struggling to keep my pace under 11min/mi. I spoke with my coach about it, and he has adjusted my schedule to include a base mileage day rather than more intervals. I also don't believe I was recovering correctly. I noticed on the days where I ate immediately after (usually some sort of protien), my legs felt a lot better the next day. I am excited to see if this intesnsity increase will show on race day.
Total Miles: 91.0
Peak weekly mileage: 4/28-5/4 (30.9mi)
Longest Run: 10.5mi
Average Pace: 9:44min/mi
Races: 2
Mom’s on the Run 10k 5/11/2014 (53:48) PR!
Biggest Little 5k 5/17/2014 (25:48)

Lesson(s) learned:
  • I’m not the “speedster” (McMillian term) that I thought I was. As it turns out, its takes me a while to recover from a speed workout.
  • I need to recover correctly after a hard workout to have a better quality workout the next day.
Plans for June:
My main goal is just to stay healthy. I originally said in May that I wanted to increase my weekly mileage, but because I increased my intensity drastically, I don’t want to risk increasing mileage and getting hurt. I have to remember my run teams mantra “quality over quantity”.

Upcoming June Races: 2
Walk, Jog, Run for Prevention 10k - 6/14
Reno 5000 Series Race #2 5k – 6/29

How did your training go in May?
What are your plans for June?


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