Friday, July 11, 2014

June in Review

Just when I thought I was improving on this blog thing, I mess it up and wait over a month for a new post. Oops! Last month was all about me joining the EFAST run team, which to date I am no longer a part of L. When I first started running with them I thought I was taking a step backwards in my running. Running because more difficult than it was when I first started. My legs were always heavy and tired. My race times were declining, and then suddenly, just like that, everything stopped hurting, my legs felt light as light as air, and I became faster. I am not able to continue with the team because I just started a medical assisting class that is tailored for working professionals. This basically means, the time I used to go running after work, is now the time I spend in class. So, it didn’t make any sense to keep paying for something I wouldn’t be able to do.
My mileage in June was very low. With all of the stiff leg muscles I had going on, I found it hard to complete scheduled runs, and I took more days off than I normally would. This was probably my worst running month in terms of how I felt and mileage in a long time.
 I ran 2 races in June; I plan on doing race recaps for both of them, because in my mind, they both taught me great lessons that would be too long for just one post. In short, the 5k I did on the 29th, I ended up running a 2nd loop when we were only supposed to run it once and I dropped out of the 10k I had planned for the 14th and switched to the 5k.
Total Miles: 70.1mi
Peak weekly mileage: 6/16/14-6/22/14 (28.4mi)
Longest Run: 8.3mi
Average Pace: 9:57min/mi
Races: 2
Walk, Jog, Run for Prevention – 6/14 – 26:43
Reno 5000 Race #2 6/29: 31:50 (accidently ran more of the course than I should have, total distance was 3.67mi)

Lesson(s) learned

  • Sometimes you have to break your body down completely, and get yourself out of a rut to see true improvement.
  • Trust your instincts and pre-course running when it comes to following a race course.
  • My body is capable of more than I think it is.
Plans for July:
I am running the Reno 10miler in August (the race I DNF last year) and that is my main focus. I just want to be strong and ready for that race. It is going to be very hard juggling full time work, school and running but as long as I prioritize, I know I can do it.

Upcoming July Races: 1

Firecracker Mile 7/4 – 6:37 PR!

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