Friday, July 11, 2014

Walk, Jog, Run for Prevention Race Recap

On June 14th, I ran the 4th Annual Walk, Jog, Run for prevention in Minden. The race theme was superheroes. This was the first themed race I have ever run so I was a little excited. The first thing I did was Google female superheroes. I wanted someone that I could duplicate easily, and whose costume would be practical to run in (to me that means no capes, long sleeve shirts, or any accessory I would have to carry with me). I decided on Ms. Marvel! 
Never heard of her huh? Well neither had I. I think she is about to make it big though as there is rumors about her being in the next Avengers movie. Her costume was simple, plus her superpowers are super human: strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Those are all great powers to run a great race!

I signed up for this race because one of my friends who moved to Vegas and recently started running was going to be in Reno and wanted to run a race. He is a Spiderman/Marvel maniac.
I look just like her huh?
OK,  maybe not. 
On race morning, I could tell it was going to be a tough race for me regardless of the course or weather. My legs felt sluggish and like lead. I had signed up for the 10k because that’s what my friend was running and I wanted to see if EFAST had helped me improve my 10k time, but I knew a PR would not be in the cards for me today. The first thing I did when I arrived at the race was transfer to the 5k race. At least I would only have to muddle through 3.1 miles rather than the 6. I am so glad I chose to do that, because not only was the course downhill on the way out, and then uphill on the way back, but it was hot, and my legs and lungs decided to throw a fit.

Usually the first mile of the race is the easiest because I’ve got all the adrenaline I am able to plow right through it. Not the case today. From the first step I took until the very last step was pure struggle. My breathing was out of control. It was super quick and shallow. My legs were slapping the pavement so hard I thought I was creating craters with every step. The only amusing part of the race was listening to spectators try to guess which superhero I was trying to imitate.

I finished in 26:43, which wasn’t my worst race but with all the speed training I have been doing I was expecting to blow my old times out the water. Besides the miserableness of running, it still turned out to be somewhat fun. It was awesome cheering on my friend who got a PR. He came in at 51:XX which is my goal time for the 10k. Part of me wishes I would have just sucked it up and tried to run with him to reach my goal. But, perhaps another time.

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