Monday, January 16, 2017

Updates and Exciting News

It's been a very long while. I originally stopped posting because my blog is entitled "Runlove", but i haven't been doing much running. I plan to dedicate a few posts on the reason why, but in short. I am pregnant!!!

4 more to go (women are pregnant for 10 months, who knew)!
This pregnancy has been such a long time coming. My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for the last 4 plus years. We finally decided to to in vitro fertilization (IVF), and it was a success! I really want to write a few posts on the IVF process, what I went through, how I felt, etc.. because when I was starting it, I could find a lot of personal experiences of IVF especially related to running. Before I launch into my all about in vitro story, I do want to talk about little Baybay Day. Well first off...

We got the positive on 8/27/2016 and I am due on 4/28/2017. I had this amazing plan to run all through pregnancy up until the day I gave birth. Ha...and then reality set in. Here are my reasons for the lack of running

  1. I wasn't allowed to run after 7/31/2016 (the day of my half marathon) for at least one month while going through IVF treatments. This is a rule I was aware of when we received instructions for IVF. I knew the San Francisco Half would be my last run for a while, but I planned to start running again as soon as I could.
  2. I was very sick and am still sick to this day. It's funny that they call it "morning sickness" when it lasts all morning, noon, and night. This so-called "morning" sickness derailed all my running plans. In the past, if I was tired, had a migraine, or even wasn't feeling well, going on a run was the cure (at least a temporary one). While I was running, I no longer felt sick, or tired, or had a migraine. This was not true with nausea. Running made it worse. In fact even standing made it worse. I felt better while lying down. I started feeling sick at about 10 weeks in. I started taking a drug called Diclegis (the only class A FDA approved drug for morning sickness), which has actually helped me feel a lot better, but leads me to #3
  3. All of this non running for about 4 months total, led to one super out of shape woman. I barely did anything while feeling sick. I made it to work (and often times had to leave early because I was throwing up 10 plus times a day) and then came home to lie down. When I finally got on Diclegis and started feeling better, it was too late. I would run about a quarter of a mile and be so out of breath I would have to stop and very slowly walk. Mind you, when I say "run" I'm meaning I was running at about a 14 minute mile. I understand for some this is the norm, but I have a hard time keeping running motions at anything less than that, otherwise it turns into walking motions. 
It is crazy. For the last 3 years, running came relatively easy for me. It wasn't hard to get myself out the door during training, but now I finding it hard to have motivation to even go on a walk. Laziness has set in bad. Prior to my running days I never did anything that could really be construed as regular exercise, however once the running bug hit (after about a month of running), I was out there (barring any injuries) 4-5x per week. I just never thought I'd be here, not running with no motivation for exercising. I know there are still many aerobic exercises I can safely do while pregnant, but I think I've gone so long doing absolutely nothing, that I've become comfortable. Racing was a big motivation for me to keep running day in and day out, but now I can't race. There are so many good reasons to stay active during pregnancy including:
  • - gaining too much weight
  • - eases aches and pains
  • - lowers gestational diabetes risk
  • - easier and shorter labor
  • - easier to lose the weight postpartum
  • - bounce back quicker postpartum
These are all great reasons, but there are for some reason not motivating enough. I am just over the 6 month mark of this pregnancy, and my hope is to get in more exercise while I still can. I hear the 3rd trimester is a doozy and I hope to get back in the habit of exercise before then. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, and that's about all I have left before I start the 3rd trimester. In fact let me get off my butt now and get on my indoor trainer!

Please stay tuned for some posts about the sh@#t I wish someone would have told me about pregnancy and my IVF story.

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