Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Workout Plans

Alright! So I got up off my butt after my last post and went on my new indoor was tough. It is crazy how out of shape I've gotten and how much harder things are when you are pregnant. In the past I have done very well with running consistently by creating a training plan. I was always excited and felt accomplished when I could cross a workout off my list. So, I decided to do something similar and create workouts that I could do each day. It's made me excited to work out again now that I have a plan, I'm just hoping this motivation can stick around long enough, that it becomes a habit, and I can just do it, no motivation needed.

What is this plan I've come up with...Drum roll please...
And there it is. I did my first workout yesterday. I'm laughing now because I thought it would be super easy. Running a 1/2 mile then do some weights, then run again. I said to myself, it's only a half of a mile I can easily run that. Well, jokes on me. I struggled. The first 1/2 mile run was the toughest, I probably ran about half and walked half. The next rounds of running weren't as bad, but I am monitoring my heart rate so I had to stop and walk some of the time because of that. It felt so good to be out there though. For a few minutes I actually felt like a runner again. I did the Wednesday work out today and spent 30 minutes on an elliptical. Not my favorite cardio workout, but it got the job done and I feel great!

Welp that's about all I've got for an update for right now. My next post will be a series of my infertility and IVF journey.

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