Monday, March 6, 2017

Pregnancy Update: Week 31

With the start of the 31st week means I have only single digit amount of weeks left until birth (at least I hope she doesn't decide to stay in there too long after my due date). It's crazy how fast the weeks are going by. Most have told me once you enter the 3rd trimester, time starts to creep, but it's still been blowing by to me.
I had my baby shower this Saturday. I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried that my host would put all this work into preparing a lunch, decorating, coming up with fun baby shower games, just to have no one show up. I started getting a lot of people telling me they would no longer be able to make it the day before the shower. But, it was still a good turnout, about 20 people which I thought was a perfect size. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not the greatest with children (which is why becoming a parent is going to be really interesting). I'm not good at baby talk or baby related things. When doing our baby registry my husband, who knows nothing about children either (aren't we a great parental match), and I found a "must haves" list online for items we have to have right after birth. We didn't even know what a lot of the items were. Anyway, we received a gift from a friend that I had no idea what it was. Since I am such a tactful person I loudly declared at my baby shower after opening the gift that I wasn't sure what it was. The package said it was a wearable blanket, so I said I'm assuming it's a blanket that kids can wear like a Snuggie. My friend then told me that I had registered for it. Wow...I felt like an idiot. I then thanked her so much and told her the story how I am clueless on all things baby. I've been doing all this research in preparation, but I still know absolutely nothing. I didn't take very many pictures, but you can see some of the food at the shower below.

Incredible open faced turkey sandwhich

Strawberry shortcake

Party favors

My belly continues to itch like cray, but others have been commenting on my ability to hold my bladder and balancing skills. I'll take it. As far as my fitness this week, there was room for improvement, but I have been seriously lacking on sleep thanks to the big belly up front. I just can't get comfortable and I am often waking up about every 45 minutes or so to try to get comfortable again. I'm still feeling pretty good when I run. I think the support belt I wear helps a ton! This is what my week looked like:
  • Sunday, 2/26 - 30 minute walk @ lunch
  • Monday, 2/27 - 35 minute walk @ lunch, 30 minute run/walk later in the day
  • Tuesday, 2/28 - 40 minute walk @ lunch 
  • Wednesday, 3/1 - 40 minute speed walk
  • Thursday, 3/2 - 20 minute walk @ lunch, 50 minute run/walk later in the day + full body circuit
  • Friday, 3/3 - 1 hour and 20 minute walk
  • Saturday 3/4 - Rest
A lot of walking this week and not much running. Most of them taking during lunch a just above a leisurely pace. This week I hope to get a bit more running and strength training in. I am slacking big time on the strength portion. Looking forward to another week to mark off the calendar and one more week closer to meeting Zoe.

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