Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32 & 33

I wanted to keep doing weekly updates of my pregnancy, but alas, I seem to be horrible at actually taking the time to sit down and write things out. The bad thing about writing about events that happened 2 weeks ago, is remembering events that happened 2 weeks ago. Pregnancy brain is no joke. So, unfortunately, I don't technically have a lot of updates. I continue to log my workouts each day, so I remember those, but as far as symptoms and the like..not so much.

Well, onto what I can remember. Zoe seems to be a lot more active these days. It actually is starting to feel a little less uncomfortable when she does move (I think I may be getting used to the movements). Sleeping is a thing of the past. I can never seem to get comfortable enough to either A.) fall asleep or B.) stay asleep. I bought a Snoogle back when I was about 16 weeks along (if you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant and don't have one, STOP reading and purchase one now!) and it has been a life saver! However, I think I am just too big now to actually reap the benefits. My stomach just feels too heavy lying down and my shoulders and hips are sore from always lying on my side. We are lucky enough to have a bed that reclines and moves, but even that is super uncomfortable now :(. I guess this is just my body preparing itself for the sleepless nights to come once Zoe comes.

Over the past month I came up with the grand idea to turn our tandem 3rd car garage area into a home gym. That way, once I give birth, I don't have to worry about going to a gym (and everything that goes with it, ie: dressing Zoe, loading her in the car, having no available equipment I want to use at the gym, etc.) and I could just have her in her swing or something out there with me. I already had a treadmill and TV, so I just needed a few more items. Below is a pic of the nearly finished product.

Side note: the "Just Don't Quit" you see on the wall, the "NT" and QU" were actually grey and blended in perfectly with my already grey walls. I had to sit there with a Sharpie and color them in black to be visible :|
I ordered some adjustable weights, Bosu, workout bench, plyo box, TRX suspension kit, yoga blocks, trainer for bicycles (turns regular old bikes into stationary bikes) and pull up bar. The only thing missing from this picture is the giant gym floor mat and the actual hung TRX suspension straps (they are on the ground in this picture).

I'm also really excited because I have come up with what workout I will be doing post pregnancy. Originally I wanted to focus back on running and specifically training for a marathon, but I've heard with a new baby, things can get pretty rough and you have to be flexible. So, I figured until things settle down and a routine is established, my marathon dreams would yet again go on the back burner. Instead, I will be doing the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Istines. My co-worker told me about this program and after looking at all of the amazing transformations on Instagram, I was sold. If that many women are seeing results, then there's gotta be something to it. Each week there are 3 resistance workouts lasting 28 minutes and the other 2-3 days of the week you are to do a LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) workout for 30-45 minutes. I plan to run on those days. I'm excited to get started and thinking (at least for now) that I will be able to find 28 minutes out of my day to get it done.

Last but not least, my activity for the past 2 weeks. Last week was a very busy week for me, I had almost zero time after work each day, so don't judge the lack of activity.

For the week of 3/5/17 to 3/10/17
  • Sunday, 3/5 - 45 minute run/walk
  • Monday, 3/6 - 45 minute walk
  • Wednesday, 3/7 - 25 minute walk
  • Thursday, 3/8 - 3 mile run/walk
  • Friday, 3/9 - 45 minute walk
  • Saturday, 3/10 - Rest
From 3/5/17 run/walk

For the week of 3/11/17 to 3/16/17

  • Sunday, 3/11- 30 minute walk
  • Monday, 3/12 - 50 minute walk
  • Wednesday, 3/13 - 40 minute walk
  • Thursday, 3/14 - 30 minte walk
  • Friday, 3/15 - Rest
  • Saturday, 3/16 - 1 hour run/walk
Welp, that's all for now. Until next time!

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