Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

This is just a quick pop in and a short update.

Things continue to get harder on the pregnancy front. The PUPPS I mentioned in my last post are getting worse and really keeping me up at night. I'm hoping at my next appointment tomorrow, my doctor has some suggestions on what I can do, because I know I don't have any other choice, but I don't think I can continue on like this for another 4 weeks. It's gotten to the point that where my unfortunate stretch marks are, burn and sting (and I haven't even scratched there). I constantly have to lightly rub the area to avoid pain.

As far as running goes, I really do believe that my running days are actually over. I tried for as long as I could, but running hurts my hips and back way too much during and after running. Walking even hurts those two things, but to a more bearable level. I really wanted to run throughout pregnancy, but unfortunately I got a late start. I am happy that I made it to week 36 though!

Likely my last run this pregnancy :(

Sunday, 3/26 - Rest
Monday, 3/27 - 35 minute run/walk
Tuesday, 3/28 - 40 minute walk
Wednesday, 3/29 - 30 minute walk
Thursday, 3/30 - 30 minute walk
Friday, 3/31 - Rest
Saturday, 4/1 - 1 hour walk

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